Green Zilla Energy Supplement | All Natural Ingredients | Nothing Synthetic

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Boost your Energy Metabolism

Green Zilla was formulated for the enhancement of the bodies energy systems.

Our Phyto Energy Blend contains ingredients that science has shown to effect multiple metabolic pathways that work together synergistically with any of our eXfuze brand of products; Classic, Focus, or PROformance.

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The Phyto Energy Blend is considered in science to be:

  • Metabolic Energizers
  • Anti-Fatigue Compounds
  • Metabolic Modulators

GreenZilla Benefits:

  • All healthy ingredients in a whole food base
  • NO synthetic anything
  • Mental and Physical Energy

There is nothing in the product that will give you the jitters or have you feeling wired or strung out. Simply the world’s first ALL NATURAL, STRESS FREE, SAFE Energy Supplement.

Just look at these other benefits:
• Conveniently packaged in 2.5 ounce bottles.
• Food grade plastic bottle containing NO Bisphenol-A.
• Easy to fit in purse, pocketbook or pants pocket.
• Can be taken on airlines.
• Contains 3 servings per bottle (that is a little over 3/4th of an ounce).
• Does not need to be refrigerated if consumed in 72 hours.
• One shot a day for three days or three shots in one day.

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When you taste GreenZilla, we think that you will agree that there is no finer tasting energy shot on the market. It is natural, tasty and healthy all at once. With a price point that is even better than the leading retail energy shots, it is also affordable. Each bottle of GreenZilla contains three shots of healthy energy; drink a shot as needed for enduring energy all day long!

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