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Looking for an alternative to Botox? Environ® Skin Care is your dream come true.

Environ® Skin Care Products are available at

Now, you can experience the results- driven skin care line that is the secret to beautiful skin for Hollywood stars, royalty, fashion icons and people in the know who use and love it.

Environ® Skin Care – a cosmeceutical line, backed by science and medicine – incorporates the latest technology in enhancement of high grade vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants and peptides to help restore, protect and maintain the appearance of a healthy, youthful and beautiful skin.

Your alternative to Botox…

Environ® Skin Care products assist in undoing the damage and achieving your skin care goals with the world’s most effective products and treatments.

Environ® Skin Care, the gold standard for scientific skin care, gets results!

One of Environ® Skin Care’s many fabulous products is the “Ionzyme Focus Frown Serum” The ingredients are known to help soften and improve the appearance of fine lines.

A revolutionary approach to help firm the look of the skin.

Environ Ionzyme Focus Frown Serum (brand new!) works to soften muscle activity around the eyes and forehead, visibly reducing fine wrinkles and frown lines. The three key ingredients, Argireline, Leuphasyl and Vialox with in synergy to minimise deep frown lines caused by contraction of facial muscles which determine your facial expression.

Focus Frown Serum targets the same chemical complexes and wrinkle formation mechanisms as Botox® in a safer, milder, non-invasive way with the same effect!

Improve your results significantly by using in conjunction with Environ Focus-CIT or the Cosmetic Roll CIT which increases the penetration of topical, active ingredients making then far more effective

Ionzyme Focus Hydrating Serum assists in hydrating and adding volume to targeted skin areas which may help improve the appearance of fine lines. The secret…Hyaluronic Acid used in high, effective doses.

Hyaluronic Acid holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water, allowing it to replenish the skin’s own natural levels, leaving skin noticeably smoother, firmer and younger looking.

Use Ionzyme Focus Hydrating Serum in conjunction with the Environ Cosmetic Focus-CIT™.

Consumer review:
“I have to share with you how amazed I am at the Ionzyme Focus Hydrating Serum! I bought it at a beauty salon and woke up the next day with an amazing looking skin. My skin looks clarified, plumped and absolutely hydrated! Wow! My husband tried it too and we are both hooked. Congratulations on your great products and so affordable too!!”

Ionzyme® Focus Hydrating Serum – A fabulous Botox Alternative

Contact Skinplicity Rx in Delray Beach to schedule your free skin care consultation and find out how Environ® Skin Care Products can give you the glowing, healthy, youthful skin you’ve been longing for.

Our services restore, revitalize and turn back the hands of time!

Contact Skinplicity RX of Delray Beach, FL

Kristy Cocozza
500 NE 5th Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33483
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Environ® Skin Care ingredients and procedures do not destroy the integrity of the epidermis. They are developed and formulated to help achieve maximum effectiveness of vitamins, peptides and other proven ingredients to achieve the appearance of a healthy and beautiful skin.

Non-fragranced, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, colorant free.

No animal testing.

Extensive clinical testing for safety and effectiveness
Highest quality pharmaceutical grade.

All ingredients are tested for effectiveness, safety and purity by independent laboratories.

Never compromised by marketing trends.

Scientific principles underlie the action of all ingredients.

High concentration of the most efficacious ingredients.

Product line is based on varying intensities and levels of ingredients to ensure that the patient’s skin adapts in a healthy and safe manner.

Protective packaging prevents light, air and bacteria from degrading formulations and ensures that all ingredients retain their efficacy.

One of only a few companies in the world with their own dedicated manufacturing facility.

All products are tested by three independent, certified facilities for biochemistry, microbiology and vitamin efficacy levels.

Environ products meet the highest standards and are registered with regulatory agencies around the world.

The Environ® Skin Care range is effective for the face and body because it incorporates a multi-pronged attack to help with the appearance of aging skin and photo damage.

Vitamin A is the “skin vitamin” essential to all skin care regimens. It is used in the form of retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate, retinol and beta-carotene to help photo-damage by improving the appearance of a fimer, more hydrated, and even toned skin. One must first acclimate the skin to the lower levels of vitamin A before moving on to the higher dose products.

Intensive vitamin C helps to play an important role in the appearance of a smoother, firmer and more even toned skin. Environ® has pioneered the use of a stabilized, gentle and highly efficacious, fat soluble form of vitamin C.

Natural antioxidant vitamins C, E, B5 and beta-carotene.

Polypeptides such as Dermaxyl®, Matrixyl® and Argireline® have been scientifically proven to be effective in assisting to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Working in synergy with vitamins A, C and E, they help to increase the appearance of a firmer, more hydrated skin.

This ingredient helps to create the appearance of a firmer, more youthful skin.

Alpha and beta hydroxy acids assists with exfoliating and helping with the appearance of healthy skin.

Contact Skinplicity RX of Delray Beach, FL

Kristy Cocozza
500 NE 5th Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33483
Phone 1: 954-790-8110
Phone 2: 561-404-7351
Fax: 561-450-6937

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Business Hours:
M-F 9am to 6pm by appointment

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